I wuv woo vewy mush!

When I start cursing at him to act all tough,
he kissed me and told me he loves me.

When I'm quiet,
he asked me what's wrong.

When I ignore him,
He gave me his attention.

When he sees me at worst,
He told me I'm beautiful.

When he sees me start crying,
He just held me and didn't say a word.

When he sees me walking,
He sneaked up and hugged my waist from behind.

When I'm scared,
he protected me.

When I steal his favorite hoodie,
he let me keep it and sleep with it for a night.

When I tease him,
he teased me back and made me laugh.

When I don't answer for a long time,
he reassured me that everything is okay.

When I grab at his hands,
he held mine, and play with my fingers.

When I bump into him,
he bumped into me back and made me laugh again.

When I tell him a secret,
he kept it safe and untold.

When I look into his eyes,
he didn't look away until I do.

When I get mad,
he hugged me and didn't let me go.

He stays on the phone with me even if I'm not saying anything.
He treats me like I'm all matters to him.
He stays up all night with me when I'm sick.
Watch my favorite movie together or my favorite TV show even he thinks it's stupid.
He gives me the world.
He lets me wear his clothes.
He lets me know, I'm important.

When I run up to him crying, the first thing he said is:
"Whose ass am I kicking baby?"

That's how we've been falling in love with each other for this 6 months.
I love you.



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