Dalai Lama Personality Check


You gotta try it!

Don't look my result before you take the test!

Here's my result.

Your preferences indicate your priorities in life and are listed in order from highest to lowest:

Tiger signifies pride.
Horse signifies family.
Sheep signifies love.
Cow signifies career.
Pig signifies money.

The animal associations tell about you:

Your description of dog indicates your own personality: bark
Your description of cat indicates the personality of your partner: annoying
Your description of rat indicates the personality of your enemies: disgusting
Your description of coffee indicates your feelings about sex: brown
Your description of the sea describes your own life: wide

The color associations tell about people who are important to you:

Yellow: Someone you will never forget: icha
Orange: Someone you consider your true friend: mom
Red: Someone that you really love: edwin
White: Your twin soul: jojo
Green: Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life: pop

You gonna like it, trust me!


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