2010's Resolution.

Everyone has their own resolution for this 2010. They got 5 or 10 or maybe 15. But, you know I am too lazy to make a list for my resolution. So, I just have one resolution for this year.

I simply want to change ALL my bad behavior. So, my Mom and Pop prouds of me and never regret me as their only one daughter.

God, I know You are the Only One who hears my prayers every single night. So, this is what I want for 2010.

Last night I have a little conversation with my Pop. And that was really hurt me. Not the sayings, but the fact. I know I really have been a bad girl for these years. I am 17 years old but 10 years old inside, and I know that's not cool. and it really really makes you sad and worry.

I am sorry Pop, Mom if you read this. I know I've made you dissapointed too much. and I am not worthy to be an oldest sister in this house. I am sorry to made you ashamed in front of your friends or even the Securities. I am sorry Pop, Mom for my bad behavior. I am sorry for not to see all of your sacrifices for me. I've been really annoying, I know that.
I should resolve my attitude and I promise you, you won't be ashamed of me AGAIN.

For my Pop, you know I love you so much Pop. I am sorry to make you dissapointed. Thanks for your sayings last night, it really really makes me wanna change. Thanks for your support and your advice so it reminds me how many times I let you and Mom worries and sad.

I got my 2nd rank in class so this is the beginning and I hope I can always make you proud.
I love you Mom, Pop.


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