Guess what? Insomnia strikes me every single night! GRRRRR. and now I think I can found a 'black bags' under my eyes. Oh this is great, I feels like 20 years older everytime I see those eye bags.

Edw said to me, It's pretty weird to see me like this. I never get any trouble about sleeping or insomnia. I usually easily get my beautiful sleep and it doesn't take too long to get some sleep for me.
Yeah, okay. I do have something annoys me lately. and maybe that's it the cause of my f insomnia strikes me lately. Oh, I have a hundred things on my mind everytime I try to get my sleep. and that hundred things spinning round in my head everytime I try to close my eyes and even I open my eyes, it still spinning round and it makes me really really sick.

My family. My school. My Pop's work. My future. Arggh.

Those things makes my tears run dry when they're spinning round in my head everynight. I know I would never be alone because I have my family my friends and Edwin, actually. But, you know I wish I could do something to make it everything right. I don't wanna lose my happiness, my day, and everything I have now, and it really makes me looks selfish yea?

But...Who's wants lose what they have?

Sigh. God, forgive me to be such an ungrateful person. I know I should be grateful for everything You've gave to me til this day. I know I've made you sad and dissapointed too, as I did to my Mom and Pop. and I really sorry for that.
God, if You hear me as always You did, please make everything right just like Your Will, God. If It's not You, I have no one to talk to. Please Lord, I know You never leave me and my family so, I give you this prayer.


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