17 months and going strong.

17 months, and he's still putting up with me.

We've been best friends for a year and half and I didn't see what was right in front of me the whole time. I won't bore you with the cliche "he's my everything, my world," etc. Even though it's true.

The remarkable thing that i find to be a mystery is that he accepts me for who i truly am 100%, 24/7. He loves me when I'm being stubborn and still thinks I'm beautiful even when i'm bawling my eyes out.

We have our ups and downs, but always come together stronger.
We have amazing memories together, and look forward to our future.
It's the small things that matter. The good night texts, the hugs when he knows something is wrong and the inside jokes we share. It's an indescribable feelling, and I take this is what ppl call love.

Happy 17th monthversary, Ligeiro.
Je suis a toi pour <3


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