Hey, its been a long time since I wrote the last post, righttttt?

Yeah, can't deny it. I miss blogging so much.
So many thing happened....

And yes, I'm still in college, 3rd semester. Just like what I said before, no one said its gonna be easy. And sometimes, I miss my highschool moments. College life tiring me so much, and guess what? I'm getting skinnier. Yeah, blame all the daily routines.

But well, time passes by and it's November already! Teehee! You have no idea how happy I am welcoming this month. MY MONTH!! You know, I'm so excited, not only because my birthday is getting closer, but it means Christmas getting closer too. Yay!

And, I'm turning 19 in 3 days.
I know, I'm old. And this is freaking me out, honestly. Most people think, life will get better when they're grow up. I used to think that way too, and I've realized that is TOTALLY wrong. Things get harder as you grow up. But hey, it's life. So whatever happened, one thing you need to learn, it goes on.

I putted so many wishes on my wishlist. I hope its gonna be a great year for me, and for my beloved one Edwin, and of course on the top of the list is my family. But somehow, I know this year is gonna be awesome!

And.............I got my very first tattoo few months ago. yeah, right before I'm 19. just like what I wanted to. Here's the picture:

4 falling stars on my left inner wrist. This tattoo represents my family. Dad, mum, and my 2 brothers Lucas and Jonathan. Because they are my priority in my life. All I've ever wanted is to make them happy and proud of me. And they're always be a part of everything I do. They're my life. And here they are, close to my vein, closest in heart.

Well now I'm thinking about make another tattoo. This time I want something simple with text. Haven't figure it out yet, but soon!

Okay, it's getting late. I have a midterm test tomorrow (or today). This week is going to be a BIG week. Ok, wish me luck for the midterm tests guys! Ttyl ;)



Blogger Tha-tha Lim said...

someone gonna b 19 soonn.. tehe :p

November 9, 2011 at 3:29 PM  

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