Coca cola Susu

Gua belajar sesuatu hari ini.

'The man who loves you sincerely is the man who always wants to see your smile even though you've hurt him for many times'

Thank you Edwin for everything you gave to me. A little thing that I might not see, but in the end that 'little thing' always makes me feel grateful to be loved by you, not by the others.
Edwin, I'm sorry for my bad behavior :(
I love you so much.


Sunday Nov 22
01.12 a.m

Pengamen: (nyanyi) ...so kiss me and smile for me...
Edwin: Mppppuach (nyium gua tiba2)

Dan terdengarlah bunyi letusan gunung merapi dan nyanyian burung2 serta lonceng gereja berbunyi di dalem dada gue. Tp aneh fenomena alam seperti itu hanya mengakibatkan sedikit reakis yg terlihat. Hanya berubahnya warna pipi dan ada perubahan garis lengkung di bibir gua.

Weird, yet so true. Indeed :)


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