i miss you :(

i miss you..

everyday and every night,
this feeling i'd fight
try as i might but i wont win, i surrender, i'd die
you are the winning here alright

every morning when the sun would shine on me
i'd flash a smile but deep inside
i feel so sad and lonely
i need you here and now

i miss you
its crazy to pretend that i don't think of you
the more this feeling just seems to grow and grow

i miss you
how much longer can i hold on to?
maybe you can come and tell me that you miss me too

when i hear a song that we had used to share
ill try as i might to hide the tears
and when the pain is over
i'll wish that you are near

i miss you..

honey aku kangen banget sama kamu. aku bknnya mau kelewat manja ato gimana. tp aku bener2 butuh kamu sekarang buat nemenin aku. aku mau kamu keg dulu lagi. selalu ada buat aku. apa lagi bentar lagi kita bakal jarang banget ktemu kan? aku harus gimana? biar aku gag keg gini lagi? aku harus gimana? biar aku bisa nyembunyiin perasaan aku ini? aku pengen banget ketemu kamu sekarang. aku pengen cerita banyak banget sama kamu. aku pengen kita habisin waktu lagi sama2. kaya dulu lagi...


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