no hard feelings

hoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam :O

another capoeira day, another tiring yet fun day.

hari ini....plg sekolah jam 2, plg ke rumah sebentar, lgsg pergi makan lagi, abis itu baru ke lapis, trained capoeira. selesai lat, icha sms edwin ngajak ke paix akhirnya gua ke paix sama edwin sama rhico. ga lama 'dia' nyusul sama si franky. jem 10an krn mami udah neponin gua terus gua balik deh.

sigh.. such a long day, wasn't it?

and now, lets change the subject. its not about the capoeira train, its about him (again and again. guess what? now im getting tired)

tadinya gua kira gua ga akan ketemu dia. so gua ga harus 'mengatur strategi' gimana caranya gua ga semakin 'jatuh' buat dia. tp ternyata Tuhan berkata lain tuh. ketemu juga akhirnya sama dia, di waktu yg amat sgt ga gua sangka2.

my Lord is such a Great Mysterious God, for sure!

and GOTCHA! i've heard that. finally i know the woman who he's dreaming about.
yeah honestly, it doesn't feel so good to know but it doesn't matter, that's okay im fine at all ;3

uhmmm udah deh jgn ngmgin dia lagi. case closed, so i gotta move on and leave him behind, right?

anw i got a new callauses on my feet. grrr they're sucks so much more than him!


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