victim of boredom

beer: Johnnie Walker
food: seafood, semua yg pake sambel kacang!
relationship: single mingle ;b
crush: that bald guy!
power ranger: i dont like them, im not a superhero.
the president: GOLPUT
yummy: ice cream!
car: purple mini cooper please ;b
movie: transformers 2
halloween: trick or treat!
sex: female
religion: Christian
hate: liar
fear: to be left
marriage: hmmm 24?
blondes: no brain.
slippers: why not?
shoes: anything comfortable
asians: yes but no korean freak.
past time: bittersweet
one night stand: dance floor!
my cell phone: nokia
smoke: no big deal isn't it?
fantasy: one night dancing with chris pine maybe?
high school life: so so
pajamas: anything without shorts or pants
stars: Denebola
center: what is it?
alcohol: why not?
the word love: just simply, i love you. that's it.
friends: yes they are.
money: give me give me
heartache: just feel it, enjoy it, mean it.
time: is money, money is gold, gold is a fuckin yellow.
divorce: please dont say that.
dog: bulldog.
undies: everywhere!
parents: pop and mom
babies: one baby boy, one baby girl
ex: ah please.... they doesn't mean a thing okay?
songs: Mr Big - wild world
color: purple
wedding: at night, in the yacht, fireworks party ALL NIGHT LONG!
pizza: beeforn
hangout: anywhere, anytime!
rest: bedroom
goal: mati masuk surga!
inspiration: life's experience
fail: for making someone dissapointed


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