Dear Mr. X

I know I've spent so many days with you and there's something happened between us.
But I think this is too soon for you to say it, and too soon for us to started something new and complicated.
errr I mean, we start it from a friendship and I dont wanna have a bad ending on it.

Really, you are the best.
I know you're truly love me and I will have no regret for it. but for me in case of any relationship, 'Love' doesn't enough. we still have a long long way to go and stories to write in my diary, plenty of time together and I still want to call you as my 'friend' or something like 'twin brother'.

Moreover, I still need a time to think and make it sure for us. so I dont have to lose someone precious like you. anw, I started to enjoy being a single mingle :DD

(Sigh) Im just simply dont wanna lose you.
And I dont care for the name of our relationship.


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