I tweeted this!

I love how I'm always missing you. Wanting you with me.

I love the fact of knowing how hard i push you away sometimes, you're always going to be there.

I love and hate how i can never stay mad at you.

I love the way i still get excited to see you!

I love how annoying you are sometimes...

I love knowing you'd rather die before you cheat on me :p :p

I love your name and all your little quirks. I love your big, beautiful, hazel eyes. I love how you want me to have ur children one day <3

I love how we're so open with each other and nothing is awkward. :)

and how you know everything abt me and all my fears, and you're still here. I love the way you make me feel safe all the time.

I love the way you hold me back tighter, how i still get butterflies at the moment ur name appears on my phone, and how you kiss my nose.

I love the way you look shirtless and ur rather-bald hair. I love your cooks, and when you cook just for me <3

I love how much you love ur mom, how much taller you are than me, and how sure you are of us.

I can't stop smiling like an idiot while i'm typing this :) :) :)