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I love when he holds my waist.
I love when he kisses my naked shoulder.
I love when he undresses me with his eyes.


Salam Hangat Untuk yang Terkasih

Gue: Bapak Edwin yang pantatnya montok nan sekel, saya selaku kekasih anda ingin mengucapkan terimakasih untuk kencan hari ini. saya senang sekali loh, pak. terimakasih dari lubuk hati yg terdalam. salam hangat ditengah hujan dari saya :*

Edwin: Sama2..sayapun senang..salam hangat dari saya..

Gue: aaa peluukkkkk



Edwin: (whispering) I love you. Do you love me?
Me: Yea
Edwin: How much?
Me: I don't know.
Edwin: Whyyyyyyyy?
Me: I never count how many stars in the galaxy (kiss his forehead)
Edwin: ❤❤❤❤❤❤


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I think I'm gonna start posting on tumblr.
Goodbye blog, I'm gonna miss you


Aloha wau ia oi - I love you

I love you. I love your eyes. I love your smell. I love your touch. I love your lips. I love your butt. I love your laugh. I love your skin. I love everything inside you. And I'll try to make it all the parts that I find, happy.


Edw: I hate wearing ring.
Me : Don't worry, someday we'll have our wedding ring tattoos.


"You should marry someone, not because you think there isn't anyone else out there, but because you love that person. Like, if you had a cupcake, you would want to share it with him."


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I just love the pictures.




Guess what? Insomnia strikes me every single night! GRRRRR. and now I think I can found a 'black bags' under my eyes. Oh this is great, I feels like 20 years older everytime I see those eye bags.

Edw said to me, It's pretty weird to see me like this. I never get any trouble about sleeping or insomnia. I usually easily get my beautiful sleep and it doesn't take too long to get some sleep for me.
Yeah, okay. I do have something annoys me lately. and maybe that's it the cause of my f insomnia strikes me lately. Oh, I have a hundred things on my mind everytime I try to get my sleep. and that hundred things spinning round in my head everytime I try to close my eyes and even I open my eyes, it still spinning round and it makes me really really sick.

My family. My school. My Pop's work. My future. Arggh.

Those things makes my tears run dry when they're spinning round in my head everynight. I know I would never be alone because I have my family my friends and Edwin, actually. But, you know I wish I could do something to make it everything right. I don't wanna lose my happiness, my day, and everything I have now, and it really makes me looks selfish yea?

But...Who's wants lose what they have?

Sigh. God, forgive me to be such an ungrateful person. I know I should be grateful for everything You've gave to me til this day. I know I've made you sad and dissapointed too, as I did to my Mom and Pop. and I really sorry for that.
God, if You hear me as always You did, please make everything right just like Your Will, God. If It's not You, I have no one to talk to. Please Lord, I know You never leave me and my family so, I give you this prayer.


2010's Resolution.

Everyone has their own resolution for this 2010. They got 5 or 10 or maybe 15. But, you know I am too lazy to make a list for my resolution. So, I just have one resolution for this year.

I simply want to change ALL my bad behavior. So, my Mom and Pop prouds of me and never regret me as their only one daughter.

God, I know You are the Only One who hears my prayers every single night. So, this is what I want for 2010.

Last night I have a little conversation with my Pop. And that was really hurt me. Not the sayings, but the fact. I know I really have been a bad girl for these years. I am 17 years old but 10 years old inside, and I know that's not cool. and it really really makes you sad and worry.

I am sorry Pop, Mom if you read this. I know I've made you dissapointed too much. and I am not worthy to be an oldest sister in this house. I am sorry to made you ashamed in front of your friends or even the Securities. I am sorry Pop, Mom for my bad behavior. I am sorry for not to see all of your sacrifices for me. I've been really annoying, I know that.
I should resolve my attitude and I promise you, you won't be ashamed of me AGAIN.

For my Pop, you know I love you so much Pop. I am sorry to make you dissapointed. Thanks for your sayings last night, it really really makes me wanna change. Thanks for your support and your advice so it reminds me how many times I let you and Mom worries and sad.

I got my 2nd rank in class so this is the beginning and I hope I can always make you proud.
I love you Mom, Pop.


The Fuhrer and The Woman

Hitler and Braun

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." - Adolf Hitler.

I've been watching few movies about Adolf Hitler lately. In my opinion, he's adorable. He is such a strong and passionate figure. But I believe there's something like 'tenderness' behind his fierce and vicious look.

In fact, he married Eva Braun. (I adore her as well). The girl who has been waiting for him for her entire life. He has been Hitler's mistress for 12 years and, in the end, his wife. She was much more than a dumb blonde interested in movie stars, horoscopes, and clothes. She has showed the Fuhrer her loyalty. Though, Hilter wasn't romantic and a caring person, but she loves him til she died at the hands of her 'Wulf'.

Likewise Hitler gives her a luxury living, and always protects and sees her as a perfect woman, no matter what happen.

Nothing is more important than a loyalty in this life.
If you're not, then trust me you screwed your life.


2010 is Coming

Happy New Year everyone!
Thanks for my Almighty God, Who Arts in Heaven.
Thanks for the bittersweet memories, for Your bless, for everything You've gave to us.
The 2009 wouldn't be more rockkk without You, God.
Please bless us in 2010 too.

Thanks for mom and pop, my brothers, and Edwin of course.
The 2009 wouldn't be rock without y'all too.
And I would be nobody without you all.

And lets welcome the 2010!
Keep rockin rollin and lovin' guys. \m/