happy birthday my bear♥

yeay! its time for another candle on your birthday cake! but honey, its so much more than that, its another year of our wonderful memories. we have so many great memories right? sure, there were some bumps along the way too. we had some fights, some good ones too in fact. but just think how boring it would be if we hadn't right?

ah.. i hope i can be there with you when you blow out your candles and make a great wish. but that's okay, i hope it comes true beyond your dreams. i want nothing but good things for you and i'll always try to make you happy and proud :) i feel so sorry that i can't be with you in your special day, but i still feel so grateful to be loved by you.

we still have so many more birthdays to celebrate together. more dreams to make a reality, more love memories to write in my diary. one of my dreams has already fulfill. i found you and spend my lifetime with you. so honey, thank you for making my birthday wish come true, and i really hope yours do too. wish i can be there with you and give you a super warm big hug and a sweet happy birthday kiss. but dont worry, i can blow it from here :b

Happy birthday randybear *hug and kisses*, i love you and i always do.

always and forever yours,
your sunshine :)


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