2nd time capoeira!

hellooo jellou!

today is my 2nd time capoeira class at Lapiazza.
wih... beruntung banget gua hari ini yg ngajar bukan Yoga, tp Rhico. yah sama aja sih sebenernya, cm seengganya ga digeber keg kmrn wkt Yoga yg ngajar hahaha. today was so fun. after class, we had dinner together (he was sit in front of me, oh Gosh!) and after that, bli Verdy shared alot about capoeira's philosophy.
i really had good times today. wohooo!

foto sebelum latian

and this saturday i have a plan go to Kota Tua wit h my capoerista friends and we will take cool photos as much as possible, there! (with him too! ah can you imagine that?)
lalalalala this week gonna be the most awesome week in my entire life! except, this fvckin callouses in my foot!

anw, gua bgung nih. diajakin reat2 youth sama temen gereja gua td di msn. tp sabtu dpn itu sweet17 partynya icha. gua ud lm bgt ga ikt reat2, otherwise gua ga mgkn ga dtg ke hari terpenting temen bae gua sendiri jg. huhu

gimana dong ini gimana? Lord, what should i do?


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