first time capoeira class

hello dello.

pertama2, gua mau ucapin Happy Blasting Birthday buat temen terbaik gue, Thirza Chrestella.wish her happiness and all the best in His way. sorry kalo lu tiba2 jadi masuk angin gara2 kmrn kita semua nyirem lo pake ramuan ga jelas itu mlm2 di tengah jalan.
but at least, you're still a gift from the up above for us :)

then... my first time capoeira class last night!
it was so fun, cool, and tiring enough too. there was some new people instead of me, kelvin, and wawa.

dan karena gua udah lama banget ga latian dance ato gerak2 semacam itu sebelumnya, alhasil sekarang badan gua remuk redam hancur minah. but, it doesn't mean ill stop my capoeira training. no, i won't give up! even it was so hard and tiring, but that's okay. ill do my best for this time and so on :)
and thanks for cheering me up guys!


it feels like im peacefully dead when i saw those beautiful glasses eyes, and when we was greet each other, laughing and when our eyes met for many times.
and it feels like..... oh, i would do anything just to hold you in my arms. huhu
guess i really really fall for him this time. and i dont know what to said and do but i love you so bad, bald guy. :(


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