when im with you

what good's a memory
without you there with me?
the morning sun ain't the same, without you here...

you are the summer breeze,
the wind blowing through the trees,
you make the loneliness all just disappear...

nothing replace your touch,
never stop believing in us
they try to break us
but we stand strong in love
they'll be no distance too far,
i gotta be where you are,
right where you are..

i don't wanna face this world alone
without you by my side
you're the only one
that makes it feel like home
and i need you in my life
when you're not around
im feeling like a piece of me is missing
when it feels like the day is closing in,
somehow i find the faith to make it through..

i questioned,
whether time or fate would ever show me a sign?
the moment i saw you,
that's when i knew
i feel it when im with you.
when im with you...


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