watchmen sucks


aaah, ga kerasa udah libur seminggu. few days left. arrrrh, i hate school. but sometimes something we hates are something we misses too right?

watchmen amat sangat mengecewakan. film yg gua tunggu2 dari berapa bulan yg lalu dan baru sempet gua tonton hari ini sama papi mami jojo lukas, amat sangat mengecewakan.
bagi yg blm ntn watchmen, save your money for a better one, ok?
bener2 ga jelas jalan ceritanya dan endingnya. costume sama orang2nya sih yah not badlah, just like another superhero movies, but this one is worst.

there's something annoys me lately. last night, i can't sleep well and.. i dont know. its just like ruins my mood and, i have a bad feelings. and the worse is, i dont even know what it is.

i have a bad mood all the day. well, i haven't contact with him (you know who i mean) since 2 days ago. i dont know whats going on. i wait for him all day long, but he didn't appeared in my msn. i left him a message, but he didn't reply yet. oh gosh, i dont want anything bad happen again, all right?

here i am, still typing this post and wish he'll appear, and hell yeah i know i left him for 2 days in a row. i dont mean it. i mean...i just need a time to spend with my friends. and.. maybe i've figured it out and the bad little feeling that i felt, is just a guilt.
i know, this is my fault but... ah i dont have a words left to say :(

i just want to scream, i need someone to talk to, i just need someone to cry with, i just need..... him, right here and now.
(sigh again.)


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